GUI from inside network - no menus

  • I have pfsense box with two ethernet interfaces - wan & lan.
    When I open the GUI from the WAN interface everything is OK, but when I open it from the LAN interface the drop down menus are missing (see the picture).

    Any ideas or suggestions what could be wrong?

    (maybe it's important to say that I've set up the box via the WAN interface as the LAN was not wired at that time)

  • Try it with Firefox, or upgrade your IE.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    taktje is right, any browser but IE would work fine. FF, Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc.

  • IE strikes again. 
    I used to think they were trying to steer what we use by selectively breaking things that didn't translate into revenue for them.
    But Microsoft would never do such a thing.  PHP is not something so new.  Whats up with IE?

  • It truly works fine with Firefox on the LAN IP … in-fu*cking-credible  :-X

  • I just had the same problem with IE, menus disappeared, traffic graphs stopped working, dashboard -> system info -> version was stuck on 'Obtaining update status …' and cpu usage was stuck on '(Updating in 10 seconds)'.  In the meantime everything was working fine in Chrome.  It turns out I had accidentally toggled compatibility view in IE, toggled it back and everything started working again.  Not sure how well known this is, I'm fairly new to pfsense.

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