Changing spamd rules in cli

  • Hi folks,

    I'd been using spamd for a couple of years on my pfsense (2.0.1) VM without any issues. Recently I had to change the setup and move the default gateway (rather than traffic flowing in/out the net via another router, I configured pppoe directly form the box -> modem).

    At this point spamd ceased to work.

    I suspected that the package hadn't dealt with the change in interface well so removed & reinstalled it. Still wouldn't work.

    pfstl -sn

    … showed that the spamd rules were in place (not visible from the GUI) but still set up to forward from the old interface not the new one, in spite of reinstalling.

    As a temporary fix, I amended /tmp/rules.debug so that the rule matched the new interface and ran

    pfctl -f /tmp/rules.debug

    So it's working again but I suspect that this will have to be amended after reboot. But I can't seem to find where spamd maintains / generates the rule set in order to switch the interface?

    Does anyone know how I would configure the firewall rules to make this permanent? I ran viconfig but couldn't find them in there either.

    scratches head

  • Does anyone have any ideas where these rules are generated from? It appears that my temporary fix is even more temporary than I was hoping.

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