Question about IP forwarding SMTP and using SPAMD

  • Hello,

    I am a new user who used to work a lot with PIX firewalls and I am finding PFsense much to my liking. Congratulations to all who make this great project.

    I am using version 1.2RC2 on the embedded platform. I have three nics in this tiny little box. The WAN interface has a public IP and I use private address space for the LAN and DMZ(opt1) interfaces. Inside my DMZ subnet I have a mail server (Linksys SLUG). I forward all SMTP traffic coming to the public IP to the mail server and thing are working fine.

    Here is what I would like to do:

    1. Install SPAMD on the firewall and have it do its magic….


    My questions:

    1. Since all SMTP gets forwarded to my mailserver will SPAMD have a chance to do its job?
    2. I have not seen any How To's on how to install the SPAMD package on the embedded platform?

    Thanks to anyone who can help or give some advice,

    Granada Spain

    1. No - you'd need to ensure that the SMTP is forwarded to SMAPD

    2. If you read the fine documentation you'll discover that packages are not supported on embedded.  More to the point, spamd isn't a pfSense package so installing it is completely non-supported.

  • OK,

    So am I to understand that if I use the embedded platform I have to use it "as is" because if I try installing any packages I will most likely break something?

    What is it about the embedded platform that makes it different from a hard drive install?

    By the way I have tried to find documentation on this site that could spell out the differences but the FAQ seems broken and the other documentation points to MonoWall documetation where I wasnt able to find out much on packages.

    I appreciate the help very much,


  • Embedded is designed for installing onto solid state memory (compact flash etc).  There used to be a good primer, but it seems to be gone :(

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