KVM virtio problem

  • Hello.

    I'm having a problem when selecting the netvirtio driver. My system has two NICs, a realtek pci card and my motherboard's integrated broadcom NIC. I passthrough the realtek card and use it as my WAN interface, and use a bridge for my LAN.

    If I use the e1000 model, everything works correctly, but when I select virtio everything also works correctly EXCEPT for the host computer.

    The bridge is still working, because everything connected to my switch gets an IP correctly and can browse at full speed. But while the host computer can ping other computers on the network, it can't do anything else.

    Any idea what is wrong? If I go back to e1000 it starts working again…

  • I have no idea why, but I have just spent all afternoon trying to fix the same problem :)
    Other virtual machines also cannot connect to the internet. Same weird thing where ping works, dig works, but curl fails.

  • I am sure you did that but just to make sure everyone else has the information:

    This is probably not related to your problems - so sorry for that comment.

    I have another problem with KVM + pfsense 2.1 / FreeBSD 8.3 so I think the general problem is somewhere in FreeBSD.

  • Even if this is kind of old. I experienced the same problem with pfSense 2.1.3 x86 which runs as KVM VM on CentOS 6.5 x64. When using the virtio NICs I can't access the internet from my KVM host system - at least not fully.

    Pinging from the host system to the internet is working, however no kind of other access (yum update, http, https, dns…). This really drove me nuts until I realized that everything works fine with e1000 emulation.

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