Connecting to pfSense in Qemu or Virtualbox without bridging?

  • I am trying to test pfSense and check out the configuration for things such as multi-wan routing and load balancing to possibly be used at the college I work at.

    I don't currently have a physical box available to test on, so I need to use qemu or virtualbox on my linux box (gentoo).
    So I need to setup a virtual machine with at least 3 interfaces (1 lan and 2 for wan), and be able to connect to the lan port from the host.
    I don't think I can use bridging on my wireless because of the wireless settings (no wireless to wireless communications, captive portal system, etc), and I don't have a physical connection for my wired ethernet card.
    So I think I need to set things up without using bridging, but I'm not sure.

    Any ideas or suggestions as to what to try?
    I tried setting up bridging on the ethernet, but it didn't seem to work (though I may have configured something wrong).
    I can enable a dhcp server on my ethernet interface if that would be of any use (but I'm guessing not as the lan interface is a static ip).
    I've been banging my head for the last couple days trying to find something that would work.  :)


    Mark II

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