I can not reach two subnets in different vlan pfsense openvpn

  • pfsense 2.1.1

    Remote Access vpn openvpn.

    I have a pfsense with 3 network cards
    em1 lanvoz 10.x.x.x.x / 24
    em0 landatos 192..x.x.x/23
    em2 wan x.x.x.x

    customers have everything perfect for openvpn tengos firewall rules allowing em1 is connected to em0 Any and allowing all the same to allow traffic between the two subnets.

    subnets of EM1 and EM90 are in different VLANs and are not that's perfect. I now have the problem that tunnel right through the ping can not give any of the host of both networks, but an interesting thing happens when I put the interface of your gateway 10.XXX1 EM1 can give ping right through the tunnel to the host that subnet, but can not give any host ping 192.168.xx subnet.

    the ip of the tunnel is 172.16.x.x/24

    network and the local network subnet em1 has 10.xxx/24

    my case is somewhat complicated to appreciate which can help me.

    Data on the subnet I have a TMG Forefront I found and mounted on a vlan with subnet xxx 10.xxx/24 your dhcp windows. and the other in the x0x0 vlan subnet a dhcp 192.168.XXX/23.

    like I said both are not routed through vlan Routing intervlan.

    but I want to get to both subnets from the tunnel without having to intervlan Routing.

    since I put two separate network cards for both LAN thinking that I can communicate well both subnets without having to change or do intervlan on the local network.

    the last thing I did was push route and can not see through print route right through the connected clients via the tunnel routes sent right through the tunnel.

    appreciation please can give me an option on how to solve this case, it will not if the foreront tmg that I will be doing heavy gaming as this in your vlan and their respective subnet but the fact is I can not reach any of the host of the subnets that I mentioned them connected right through the tunnel.

    Thanks in advance

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