Incoming and Outgoing Logs

  • Hey,
    Is it posible to add logs there I can see on what sites was the traffic directed (like domaon name if possible, if not then IP) and the amount of data transfered… Also it would be nice to have the sites assosiated with usernames from captive potal if enabled...

  • I guess you are looking for the ntop package. It can deliver most parts of the info you are seeking.

  • maybe, but I can not install packages on WRAP bosrds :-(

  • correct and writing a lot of logs wouldn't doo your cf-card any good. keep in mind, cf-cards have limited writecycles. you might want to use an external solution for that. Wallwatcher can provide some information, check and let it listen to your wrap.

  • yep wallwacher is similar to what I want, but I has on small problem (well 2) it doesnt "go"  thhrough firewalls and it needs to be run on the server (well ant machine) and it can not upload logd to MySQL database….

    And if I have this log service avelible on the device, the device will:
    a) work as server
    b) it has the data alredy compiled anyweat so onlything is left to send it to remote MySQL
    c) CF card is not used because data sent either to MySQL or SysLog remote servers
    d) it gives easy way to understand what is going on with the desentralized network such as the hotspots or mesh systems.
    e) it is a part of the system as I call it "central managment for decentralized networs"

    did I make myself clear on what and why I want it?

  • Yeah, I understand you but that's not doable with 1.0 on an embedded install unless you hack that functionality in.

  • not doable? My linux scripting is very limited by I see the way to do that, at some extand….

    here is what I think, and tell me if I'm correct:
    -you can get the IP of ingoing and outgoing traffic from linux itself, you even have that in the serial console mode... am I correct?

    then if you have that u just grub the data with PHP and send it to the MySQL as an IP address, latter on we can incorporate all other features such as DNS lookup and reverse lookup and assosiate the traffic with Captive Portal USers...

  • That is what I meant with "hack it in". It's "not doable" with the stock installation.

  • hang on, I just was playing aroud with the OS and found half of the work done alredy….  exept  im in condition where I am 90% asleep now, so I willl post my idea later