Adding 95th percentile to traffic RRD graphs

  • I tried searching but didnt see a clear answer.

    Anyone know how to add 95th percentile traffic stats to the RRD graphs?


  • I will look into this.

  • Thanks it would be a nice default option as many of us are still subject to 95th percentile billing.

    It would also be nice to able to assign graphs to individual NAT addresses or aliases for the purpose of monitoring the bw usage of individual machines, but any improvement in this area would be welcome.

    Thanks for the interest.

  • I can not make reliable 95th percentile graphs because that depends on the average over which it needs to be calculated. I can draw a line ofcourse for the 95th percentile but these would ofcourse differ per graph as most graphs have different average timeunits.
    The 2 hour graph is 1 minute averages, the 16 hour graph is 5 minutes, the weeks graph is 30 minutes. etc.

    Regarding your other point, no can do.
    You might be interested in the bandwidthd package.

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