Lock myself out of the Web Gui

  • I lock Myself out of the Web Gui, Has any way to change the port of Web GUI from the console or restore de last configuration
    By the way I try to acess from ssh (Putty) but I cant log in how i log in I try the username and password from Web Gui

  • Are you sure you locked yourself out?
    Because there is an anti-lockout in place.
    If you didn't deactivate it…
    And if you did deactivate it i'm sure you did read the note right next to the checkbox:

    Disable webGUI anti-lockout rule
    By default, access to the webGUI on the LAN interface is always permitted, regardless of the user-defined filter rule set. Enable this feature to control webGUI access (make sure to have a filter rule in place that allows you in, or you will lock yourself out!).
    Hint: the "set LAN IP address" option in the console menu resets this setting as well.

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