Help with accessing pfsense after vmware install

  • Hi,

    I pretty much followed the tutorial on installing pfsense on vmware step by step. My computer is set up with two physical network interfaces (one wired and one wireless). The WAN is assigned to one of the VMWare interfaces and the LAN is assigned to another VMWare interface. My router assigns a DHCP IP address to the WAN interface, and the LAN interface gets My problem is, however, that I cant access the web interface of pfsense through either IP addresses. What am I missing?

  • Hmm i think i got the problem sorted so nevermind…

    Now i just need to figure out what the default u/p is :/

  • I had to bridge the created vmnet 2 to one of my physical network adapters and put it on the same ip range :/

    and the default u/p is admin/pfsense :/

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