$50 Linux binary compatablity with linux_base

  • Hello,

    I need to make a custom pfsense image that will actually execute linux binaries, as I need to make a pfsense server that can run some commercial software that is only available on linux.

    I have tested the application I need on normal freebsd 6.3 that has linux compat and it works fine.

    So, $50 for a release of pfsense that will run a linux branded binary.


  • pkg_add -r linux_base-f7

  • Hi all,

    LOL I wish it was as easy as that mate but it took a lot of work for non unix guy like myself.

    For those that want to know how to do this:

    follow the guide on how to set up a build environment for pfsense (on the wiki) but before you do a ./cvsup_current, you need to modify the pfsense.6 kernel config file to enable linux compatability in the kernel. pfSense.6 is in tools/builder_scripts/conf.

    add an options line for COMPAT_LINUX and while you are at it, add any other stuff you want like NETSMB, SMBFS etc

    go ahead with the cvsup_current step now and the freesbie scripts will build you your pfSense kernel with compat support.

    You still need to add the linux libraries to pfsense.

    For this, you have to go to /usr/ports/emulators/linux_base-fc4 and do a make install, then move the /compat folder that is created into your pfSense file system for inclusion on the CD

    Hope that helps,


  • [Why do you need linux compat… is there another means to duplicate what u want to do with BSD software

  • Especially since a lot of "commercial" linux software doesn't exactly run well on FreeBSD in linux-compatibility mode.

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