The Ping Problem

  • Hi all !
    I've installed pfSense, the last version 2.1.5 and all works fine.
    I have only one problem, as the screenshot shows.
    When I decide to block ping from the LAN subnet to PRV_SRV address (interface for servers) it continue the ping (don't break the ping as fortigate do).
    so I'm wondering the cause of that.

    Steps I did:
        1. stating ping the PRV_SRV address.
        2. create a rule to forbid ICMP packets from LAN subnet => PRV_SRV address interface.
        3. save changes .
        ( :'( the ping still running ….).


  • If you were running ping prior to adding the rule, you may need to stop pinging for a minute. Firewall rules only apply to new states, not existing ones. You could also try clearing all of your states.

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