Blacklist, SquidGuard, Block websites

  • Hello,

    I hope anybody can help me with my next question. I am trying to add a blacklist with squid guard on my pfsense in order to block certain websites with porn, violent content etc.
    I already tried to configure squidguard like shown on the doc.pfsense website, but If i try to access those websites they are not blocked.

    Greetings Sobowolf

  • From the Squid Guard \ General Settings tab do you have Blacklist enabled under Blacklist options? What Blacklist URL are you using also, from Common ACL do you have your list that your trying to block set for DENY and Default access [all] set for ALLOW.

  • I am using following blacklist url I have theblacklist enabled, and the list is also set for deny.
    But the website isn´t blocked.

  • From Proxy server: General settings whats your settings for Proxy Interface, Allow users on interface and Transparent proxy ?

  • My interface is on LAN and i have a transparent proxy.
    I bet it´s the Problem that I don´t have enough space left in my temp and db folder.

    Because I also get the problem that the internet connection is sometimes suddenly gone.
    My clients do´t get a IP over DHCP.

    Any help how i can mount a ne HDD and put the /var and other folders on the hdd?
    Maybe this would solve the Porblem?

  • Are you running the nano \ embedded version of pfSense?

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