Firewall - Port Forwarding and Filtering?

  • hello everyone,

    I have setup PFSense on a older WatchDog red rackmount router and I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction.

    I want to use this router to replace my aging wired netgear router. Currently I have my netgear forwarding port 80 to my homeserver. I know expensive routers can be placed in a leaner mode or only allow certain protocols inbound on a port. Basically I want to only allow HTTPS traffic on port 80 to my internal server. My current netgear router allow ftp, http, https all over 80 if you force the port. I don't want that.

    Thank you! Sorry I don't know the correct tech terms for the solution I'm looking for.

    Kyle !

  • Sounds like you need a quick guide on port forwarding:

    Hope this helps.