How and IF!

  • Hello
    here is my issue

    im having 1 wan at 50mbps

    i have 3 different networks

    1st at
    2ond at
    3rd at

    my goal is to :

    1. first of all i dont want any of these 3 networks to "see" the other
      2)i want to have 3 diferent dhcps one for each subnet
    2. i want to be able to assign diferent bandwith on each subnet for example 30 mbps on , 10mbps on and 10mpbs
    3. i want to be able to assign diferent port forwardings from wan port on diferent networks for example the the 3389 port on and 5050 port on

    i will be able to do all these with pf sense?

    thank you in advance

  • if you have enough network cards or use vlans , then yes

  • first of all thank you for the fast reply

    i have managed to setup

    1 wan interface


    i want to give 20mbs bandwith on lan1 5 on opt1 and 5 on opt 2

    how can i do that ? on traffic shaper im only able to assign priorites…  :-\

  • Limiters. You might want to post in the Traffic Shaping section with a descriptive title.

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