Squidguard showing blocked page in different language

  • I am implementing wpad, but it seems when i start to add the A record to my dns server on windows server 2008, users start to come to me with everything that they go to is being blocked and this page comes up.  also, what is weird is that i am only testing this in my test vlan, so why are my users experiencing this?  see attached.


  • Don't use Squid2.  Use Squid3.  Squid2 is broken as far as I know.  That might be why it isn't working for you.  If Squid is working and you don't have any filtering to block CNN, then your users should be able out.

  • To expand on this.  It is working fine for me on my test vlan before i start messing with wpad.  i just manually put in my proxy server.  and it also spits on the right language instead of this arabic stuff.  but once I start messing with wpad, somehow it is accessing my entire network and spits on this blocked page in arabic for every website they go to.

    still try squid 3?  any other info?  thanks

  • Start again with Squid3.  Don't waste time trying to debug a broken package.