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  • Hello! I'am using your firewall for a long tim and I am very happy with it. But now I have a litte problem. My LAN is a one main access point with a lot of access point clients connected to it. Today I changed my main access point with a wireless nic in pfsense router, everything works fine, but when I'am trying to configure traffic shaping with wireless interface (optional interface bridge with LAN) I put wireless(optional) interface as incide interface in wizard, and shaping is not working well. So I decided to set my wireless nic as LAN, but in this way I can't change it's mac adress (I need this, because all my AP clients assigned to old MAC, and I don't want to configure them). So I would like to know if it is possible to change MAC of LAN interface or configure traffic shaper to shape optional interface. Thank you.

  • The shaper in 1.2 doesn't support bridged interfaces. This will change for the new version. However if you want to make the wireless interface LAN and spoof the mac download your config.xml at diagnostics>backup/restore. Then edit it with a simple texteditot (I can recommend as it can handle unix encoded textfiles better unlike notepad for example). FInd the line for the spoofed macadress at your optinterface and just move it to the section of the lan interface. Save it and restore the modified file (firewall will reboot). Your mac should now be spoofed at LAN.

  • It works, thank you!! :)

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