Wifi : destination host unreachable from laptop (wifi) to internet

  • hi i'm brand new to the world of pfsense.

    everything is well with my lan & wan config but for wifi…no way!

    here my config (pfsense PC have 3 NIC)

    wan : pluged on my dsl modem
    lan : pluged on my LAN switch (dhcp activated)

    wifi : here what i have done :

    interfaces assign : OPT1 (named wifi, em0) static ip

    services : captive portal : interfaces wifi (actually no authentification, but will do later)
    services : wifi : dhcp server : dhcp activated
    Subnet mask
    Available range -
    my range : - (my guests laptop-wifi will have these range ip...)
    gateway :

    Static DHCP Mapping on WIFI :
    my laptop have a MAC address control
    ip : (i want my own laptop with ip reserved in dhcp)
    gateway :

    rules: IPv4 *  WIFI net  *  *  *  *  none      Allow All Trafic

    on my laptop kali-linux:
    iface eth0 inet static
    i connect to my wifi router

    my wifi netgear router :
    dhcp not activated

    so with this config when i do a ping on my laptop:
    destination host unreachable
    when i do a ping gateway on my laptop:
    destination host unreachable

    and with this config, on the pfsense pc :
    i can ping (gateway for wifi NIC)
    but not (my laptop)

    so it's my problem... can you help someone...

    before pfsense, i had IPCOP, no problem for my wifi config (blue network): dhcp and MAC address filtering
    everything was great!

    but i want something better..pfsense...so now i have to fix that problem!



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    You should NOT set any gateway on LAN or OPTx interfaces.

  • why no gateway? My LAN works very well with the gateway! i will try it with no gateway on the wifi opt

  • …if i do not put gateway on my wifi opt i get this error :

    The following input errors were detected:
    The field IPv4 address is required.

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    Where are you getting that? Maybe it would help if you paid attention to what you are doing. Setting IP address and setting GW are two completely different things. In fact, if you finally read the GUI notes, you are explicitly told to NOT set any gateways for interfaces that are not LAN.

  • …i paid attention of what i'm doing!!! even if you said that i didn't read...thanks to help me...it was only in my pc config that i put a gateway by mistake (because when i got ipcop i have to do it so...) because on pfsense i didn't have a gateway setup. so my LAN is still working ok. but the wifi network not yet.

    here are the config for the opt-wifi interface, dhcp server, dhcp reserved adress....

    interfaces WIFI:
    dhcp enabled
    static ipv4

    services dhcp:
    wifi, enabled dhcp server on wifi
    Subnet mask
    Available range -
    Range -
    nothing more in this section

    Services: DHCP: Edit static mapping
    i insert the MAC adress of my laptop
    client identifier -namehere-
    nothing more in this section

    so back on my laptop
    auto eth0
    iface eth0 inet static


    so when i do a ping  or the pfsense IP (ping 192.1681.254 or
    destination host unreachable