WAN Throughput issue.

  • i'm having an odd throughput issue from a LAN machine to WAN
    using http speedtest-cli i can get 240/140mbps when i have transparent proxy (squid) turned on

    but as soon as i turn it off and let speedtest-cli communicate directly, i only get less than 1mbps

    the slow speed is obviosuly there for all HTTPS and other traffic

  • speedtest from firewall is 200mbps.
    speedtest from lan box is <1mbps.
    enable transparent proxy (squid)
    speedtest from lan box 200mbps.

  • See if the internet browsers are configured to use the proxy. If that is the case I could then see an incredible speed change, meaning if they are configured for the proxy, that's the only time they will work. Ideally that is the way to set up proxies.

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