Help configure snmp

  • hi

    i am trying to configure snmp by keeping every thing as default, but i got the field "Trap server" is reqired. I don't know what to put there, any one can help me please.

    than you

  • only keep
    "SNMP Daemon" marked
    SNMP Traps


  • thanks, it did take it i guess, but where to see the result, i mean how this works?

    do i have to fill the system location and system contact? do i put pfsense there?

    thanks again

  • You can put in whatever you want there. It's just an information that will  show up at the monitoring system for reference. You only have to choose the correct community string (has to match between the pfSense and the monitoring tool) or your snmp monitoring application will not be able to read from the pfSense.

  • ok i did give a name, and now how do i use it, i search google, and understood that it is  protocol, and a tool must be used with it. what kind of tool, i have no idea. i need to monitor whats going on my network, sometimes it is very slow and ping to the server reach 3 or 4 digits sometimes, so what i am doing at the moment is check the switch for fast blinking light and disconnect that cable and if every thing back to normal,
    then i know that person is running p2p programs or have some viruses.

    help appreciated

  • My network-professor just recently gave me the following link for quite a few network monitoring tools:

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