Possibility to send message to a user

  • hi

    is it possible to send message to a user so it pops up when that user login, telling him/her that trafic is so high with the option to suspand account untill admin is contaced?

    thanks for the beautiful work developers

  • Presumably this is in relation to Captive Portal?

  • hi, and thanks for the quick reply

    yes in relation to captive portal


  • You can upload php webpages as captive portal loginpages or redirect the user after login to a page that checks the users quota (you would have to use some radius accounting to get that info and fetch that info from the php page to generate the messege if this is the case).

  • hi

    my idea mainly is to draw the attention of a specific user that his payment due or to remind him to contact for an x reason. etc… so it is not a public one message to all.

    thank you again

  • Like I said, this is all doable using php on the redirection page.

  • hi

    i'll start by installing radius and learn how to set it up, i tried before but didnt succeed, do you sugest any link on how to configure radius?

    thank you again

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