Poor Streaming performance

  • I setup Pfsense and untagle on my esxi box.  I am going to try and make this as easy to understand as possible.  I attached a network drawing to give a person a visual.  Pfsense and untagle is replacing a Mikrotik RB750GL.

    Please review the attached diagram for better understanding og my Lan layout.

    With the Mikrotik in place Sagetv access' the HDhomerun Prime and streams TV Fine.

    Once I virtualized PFsense and untangled (removing the Mikrotik) here is what I experienced:

    Users were able to access the Internet and network resources.  Minor glitches but I could overcome most minor stuff.

    Problem:  Sagetv could not stream from the HDhomerun prime.  It see's the HDhomerun prime but the video is very pixelated (unwatchable).

    For now I reinstalled the Mikrotik.  Everything returned to normal.

    What I did: 
    1.  Rebooted all devices (Sagetv VM, Mikrotik Wireless bridge, HDhomerun prime)
    2.  Adjusted all network setting when necessary.

    My thoughts of a possible cause:
    Untangle is the gateway. Untangle utilizes the Eth1 (lan NIC)
    Sagetv, Unraid, homeseer all use Eth1 (Lan)

    What am I considering as a possible solution:
    Install Server grade 2 port nic.
    Dedicate one of the nics to Sagetv.

    I am looking for your thoughts

    Thanks in advance for helping me trouble shoot this issue

  • well you could start by eliminating possible issue's:

    -esxi with only pfsense basic install
    –- once you get that working correctly start adding other tools 1-by-1 to complicate your setup.

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