Ssh access to a single public ip not working

  • Hi guys..

    Please i m having a problem with my pfsense box..

    I can ssh to any other external server that i have from my internal lan and that works fine…..
    but when ever i ssh to one particular server it always says connection timed out...but when ever i am outside my office....the ssh connection works....

    i am not running any fail2ban or firewall rules on the external server ... that is why i am thinking it has something to do with my pfsense box..
    can someone help me please..

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    so your logic is that all other ssh servers work through pfsense except 1, so its pfsense???

    Do you have any rules on your lan that would block said traffic?  Can you ping the server?

  • yes i can…i can ping the server from internal lan...i can access the website running on it.. but i can not ssh into it... from what ever lan network i have...

    This is just to update---

    The problem was solved..

    I connected a second wan interface to another provider and then routed all ssh traffic from the internel lan to the single host through the second wan interface and it suddenly started working....which means somehow somewhere the first wan interface ip address was been blocked by something external and that i will start to make a research on....

    As soon as i find a solution i will update you guys for future troubleshooting......thank you very much 8) 8)

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