Empty space before (drop-down) field display value

  • For example, go to Interfaces->LAN and look at IPv4 or IPv6 Configuration Type. The text of the selected value (e.g. Static IPv4) has some space in front of it. That space was not there in 2.2.*
    When the drop-down arrow is clicked to show the drop-down list, the text of the list lines up against the left side of the column, like I expected. It does not line up with the text of the currently-selected item.

    The space in front of the selected item looks like the space that sometimes had little pictures in it on 2.2.* - a little pencil, or user icon, or lock icon on password entry fields.

    I notice that those little icons do not appear any more - e.g. the User Manager, Add screen, Username and Password fields. But those fields have the empty space before the cursor.

    I am raising this here for discussion - not sure what change should be made, nothing is actually broken!

  • Developer Netgate

    Those spaces do seem to be caused by missing icons. I am not aware of the exact chronology, but I believe the icon set was removed from the project partway through, so pages that had already been converted to Bootstrap and which used those icons now have a gap.

    We could restore icons using the Bootstrap glyphicon set, or eliminate them. I will look at that shortly.

  • Developer Netgate

    I was wrong. The space is caused by Bootstrap styling. I was able to remove that space via CSS, but that makes the appearance of selects inconsistent with other element types. Padding the options, but not the selected items has nasty side-effects.

    I will look for a better solution to this, but it may just be "the way it is" for now.

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