Overview of upgrade process in 2.3

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    Renato said:

    Upgrade process is not ready in GUI, use console menu option 13 to upgrade the system to newer snapshots

    I connected by Putty/SSH and used option 13 on an APU to go from 2.3 (1 Oct) to 2.3 (3 Oct). The console output looked reasonable and it said it was rebooting… I waited and waited but it never came back. I got out a serial cable, but could get no response on the console. Maybe it just halted instead of rebooting? Who knows, I did not have the console connected at the time.

    In the end I power-cycled it and it booted up fine and running the newer version. Various things were fixed compared to 1 Oct, so it must have done something good :)

    But it seems to be running on the same nanoBSD slice as it was previously.

    Could someone give a general overview of how the upgrade process from 2.3 onwards is intended to work. And including at what point upgrades on nanoBSD will trigger a full install to the opposite slice.

    That will help us all understand what is intended to be, then we can report if it does not work as intended.

    (In a day or so I will do another upgrade from console menu 13, but this time with a real console cable connected so I can gather all the output and see why it did not reboot.)

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    NanoBSD upgrades are still somewhat undefined. We're trying to find a way to make it work via pkg on the alternate slice but may have to settle for shipping whole slices as before.

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