[SOLVED] Bridged connection - new rules?

  • I had WAN + LAN configured. With a few rules on the LAN interface (anti-lockout rule, etc).
    Now I have added a WIFI interface and made a bridge.

    I now have: WAN, LAN, WIFI, LAN_PORT

    WAN = re0
    LAN = bridge (WIFI + LAN_PORT)
    WIFI = at0
    LAN_PORT = re1

    The rules that are on the LAN interface (which is now a bridge) do not work anymore.
    I have to re-add the same rules for WIFI and LAN_PORT.

    Is that normal behavior?
    I though that every rule I set for LAN will work for WIFI + LAN_PORT because they are bridged. So you set the rules for the bridge.
    But that is not correct, right?

  • You have to move over the rules from the old interface to the bridge.
    Just go to edit each rule, and select at interface, the new bridge interface.

  • Thanks for the help.
    But that's not possible. The bridge cannot be selected.

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    You should ask yourself WHY did you make that bridge in the first place. Not needed, not wanted mostly, pain to switch assignments to on a configured system.

  • Why I made the bridge?
    Because I want it to be a part of my network?

    My MacBook Pro (which I use 8 - 10 hours a day) does not have a RJ45 connection, only wifi.
    It needs to be able to connect to other devices (NAS, other computer) on my wired network.

    If you know a way to do this without the bridge, please do tell me!

    I will create a seperate wifi network for guests, which of course will not be a part of my main network.

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    If you know a way to do this without the bridge, please do tell me!

    That works out of the box. Nothing to be done there except a dead simple one firewall rule to allow traffic, same as the default one on LAN. (If you want the Bonjour nonsense, then install Avahi package.)

  • Hmmm oke.
    But if I do that I would need a 2nd DHCP server for the wifi interface right?
    That will than serve a different range than my LAN interface?

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    DHCP server is configured per interface, yes.

  • Ok, but what if I want them all on the same subnet?

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    We are going in rounds. Bye.

  • Huh?

    That's a bit rude imo.
    I'm not being a smart ass here I just want my box to work the way I want.

    Wired and wireless on the same subnet, I guess I need bridging for that.
    So that's why I set it up.

    Sorry if I'm not at your level of expertise.
    I'm still a newbie here and trying to learn.
    But with replies like "We are going in rounds. Bye." it's kinda hard to learn things…

  • I have fixed the problem myself.
    Following THIS guide here on the forums fixed my problem.
    I can now set the firewall rules on the bridged interface (=LAN) and they are used by all members of that bridge.

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