Cannot connect to a game.

  • I recently built a pfsense box and have everything working with load balancing fail over ect.. via the wiki..

    I have this ame I play all the time and do not wish to stop playing my favorite game…

    I have tried doing the typical port fowarding that the company wants you to foward which is usually not neccesary as with my linksys that was not needed it just worked.

    I have added a NAT rule to allow the source ports vs the dest ports..

    I have done port fowarding to match the outgoing from internal lan to game server back to me.

    After trying everything I can think of the only thing I can note is the firewall is stopping it everytime no matter what rule I add.

    I have also made the computer on this network only go through WAN2 or WAN1 so that the load balancing is not in the way to no help though.

    May 31 04:41:10 WAN UDP

    The Game is supposed to use port 9000 the way I have it set so I don't know why its going to them and then coming back from 9001 and then back to 55194.

    Is there a way I could allow what's helping the above log entry to pass the firewall? the address comes in from a random UDP port from 50000-65000 or something like that using the UDP protocol.

    I am liking this firewall vs my cheap a$$ linksys much more and think it has been well done but I gotta have access to this silly game unfortunately.

    please help...

    thanks.. o.O

  • Search for "static port"

  • thanks,

    I got the information i needed pretty quick when looking at:

    I just did what the above said, added a rule for all of my subnet to use only one wan when using the range of ports this game uses and walah im up and running.

    This firewall is great… I have a few more issues to work out but functionality is working great.