Squid Cache Log error

  • I just got pfSense up and running with Squid3 and Snort running. I noticed these errors today in my Squid Cache Log.

    error when calling recvfrom() on icmpv6 socket

    Any ideas? I'm sure this is going to fill up my log files. I don't recall seeing this a few days ago when I first got this working.

  • I got the same Problem here :-/

    This errormessage is spamming my log with far over 30 lines per second :-(

    i have no IPv6 configured in my Network…

    I think i found the Bug

    I have had the WAN Device set up to IPv6 DHCP, but i didn't got some IPv6 address.
    After setting it to IPv6 none and restarting squid, the spamming stoppped.

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