A question about pfSense, WiFi calling and OpenVPN.

  • If all my network traffic goes through an OpenVPN connection, would that essentially mean my WiFi calls are encrypted as well?

    Just asking.

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    To the ENDpoint of the vpn tunnel..  Once it leaves that end and goes to where it wants to go would depend on the actual protocol in use on be it encrypted to the actual destination endpoint your going too.

    VPNs are good for hiding traffic from your local network/isp.. And circumvention of restrictions based upon your source IP, since your dest location will see your source IP as the vpnendpoint.  If you want vpn to be endpoint to endpoint for encryption then your endpoint needs to be your destination.

  • Awesome reply. Thanks!

  • If you are using a company like T-Mobile your phone is making a IPsec connection to T-Mobile for WiFi calling so your calls are encrypted to T-Mobile anytime you use Wi-Fi Calling. From there I would guess they have voice gateways where they can switch the calls the PSTN if they have to go out of network, but I'm speculating about that part.

  • Thanks Mike for your info as well.

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