Transparent Proxy error

  • I used transparent proxy to manage cache,traffic mgmt and block web in my network as a gateway.
    In my network, all of my user unable to upload to attached and file size will not more than 2MB in gmail, When i enable transparent proxy mode and all gateway to redirect to pfsense. is there showed error " try again" but around 60KB file able to upload to attached. I used package squird3 only. Is there any thing to change or else ?? Can anyone suggest me ?

    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks and Best regards,

  • have you try restrating your machine pfsense or restart squid?, your squid activated ssl-bump?

  • i tried to restart both but still same error. Can you tell me where is ssl-bump ? i didn't see that before.

  • on webgui proxy server tab setting and you found name "SSL man in the middle Filtering"  ;)

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