Centralized reporting to syslog server for multiple PFSENSE

  • Hi,

    we are a service provider that has a number of pfsense firewalls hosted but where we allow clients to manage their own rules. we would like to set-up the following;

    • have a centralized syslog for all pfsense changes (looking for an opensource VMware appliance for this recommendations would be gratefully received)
    • be able to centrally track firewall changes (rules/NAT changes primarily) the info should include the userID, date/time, change made

    so the project is the opensource appliance running syslog with a web UI our tier 1 staff can use to check, ideally with smtp alerts/reporting if possible and whatever is required at the pfsense to make this happen. I would anticipate this to be a days work but am flexible to pay as required and appropriate. This solution should be scalable (i.e. be able to add more pfsense firewalls simply) and be able to upgrade when new releases of firewall firmware are made avaiable

    if your interested in this project please let me know so we can discuss further, if this is already in place (someone has already done it) then also interested plus an recommendations folk have on an opensource syslog appliance thats easy to use (bear in mind the primary users will be tier 1 staff)



  • This sounds like something relatively feasible.

    Could you private message me your skype info?

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