RESOLVED: SNMP configuration yields error in logs

  • Dear all,

    we're currently deploying pfSense at our university as our new primary guest access solution. Everything works smoothly. Thanks to all developers and contributers for all the hard work you put into this project!  :)

    The only problem we have right now is SNMP. When we activate SNMP in "Services: SNMP", no matter what interface we bind the SNMP daemon to, the configuration fails and we get a log entry of the following kind:

    php-fpm[54501]: /services_snmp.php: XML error: Undeclared entity error at line 147 in /conf/config.xml
    php-fpm[54501]: /services_snmp.php: pfSense is restoring the configuration /cf/conf/backup/config-XXX.xml
    php-fpm[54501]: /services_snmp.php: New alert found: pfSense is restoring the configuration /cf/conf/backup/config-XXX.xml

    I haven't found any clues via the search function regarding whether or not this is a known issue. Do you have any idea why we see this message? After pfSense restored the old config, all SNMP functionality is deactivated again. Any ideas? Thanks for your help!

  • I found the cause of the problem. I used a special character ("ß") in the SNMP location field which is not valid (I simply overlooked that error). However, I was able to enter it on the "Services: SNMP" page and it caused a hick-up in the configuration. I think it might be a good idea to check that only USASCII characters are used for sysLocation and sysContact.

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