Squid transparent proxy blocks all HTTP traffic

  • Hi,

    I've seen others having similar issues on the forums, but I've not seen any definitive answers that work…  I'm running 2.2.6 nano on Watchguard firewall.  It's working pretty well, but when I try to setup squid3 (or 2) as a transparent proxy suddenly all HTTP traffic is blocked (HTTPS still works).  As soon as I disable the tranparent proxy everything works again.  I can setup a non-transparent proxy and it works correctly.

    Has anyone solved this?


  • …something I forgot to mention...not sure if it's relevant.  I have one port setup as WAN and I have three ports assigned to a bridge for my LAN.  When I setup the transparent proxy, I'm binding it to the LAN bridge.

  • Some more info…

    The proxy seems to work fine (normal and transparent) if I set the proxy settings in my browser.  However, if I have transparent proxy enabled and remove the proxy settings from my browser, that's when I can't browse any more.

    It seems like the requests just aren't being routed properly.  How is the routing through the transparent proxy done?

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