Squid3 cannot bind to OpenVPN client interface ?

  • I have installed squid3 on a fresh pfsense install at home (details below). It works great on the LAN interface. However I am in a configuration where I have an OpenVPN client on my pfsense tunneling to an external server, and want to use that interface exclusively.

    The VPN setup works fine without squid (OpenVPN client setup + specific interface + NAT outbound rules + Firewall rules setup so that all traffic goes through the VPN client by default)

    However I can't get squid3 to bind to the OpenVPN interface - when I do that the browser just can't connect ("there is no internet connection") - transparent mode on/off having no effect. And there's nothing in the logs or on the proxy monitor page.

    Is there another trick to bind squid3 to a VPN client interface, that I'm not aware of ?


    my setup:

    • dedicated machine
    • pfsense 2.2.4-RELEASE (amd64)
    • squid3 0.4.7 (only package installed)

  • try in squid to add the network on the ACL tab add the network of your OpenVPN in the allowed section

  • What mode of OpenVPN connection are you using?

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