SOLVED: squidguard blocks site (blacklist) while named in whitelist

  • Hello,

    I'm using pfSense 2.3.1. In the Netherlands there is a site to listen to online radio. The 'play' button on sender NPO 1 has the URL:

    This last part of the URL, hardcore-radio, is the problem: The URL is blocked by blacklist category PORN. I added the following lines in the whitelist of target categories:
    domain list:
    url list: the above url
    regular expression: hardcore-radio

    There is one groups ACL, named basis_ACL, where i blocked PORN. The whitelist is allowed. In the common ACL the category PORN is also blocked.

    When I try to play the music on this sender and click the play button, nothing happens, but the squidguard proxy site log tells me the URL is blocked by basis_ACL, category PORN.

    So it seems that the whitelist doesn't work on this particulair URL. Does someone see what i can be doing wrong, or is there a problem with the order of the standard blacklist vs the added whitelist in target categories (wich is on top)?

    Thanks for your reaction(s) in advance.

    Kind regards, sourcefinder.

  • This topic is solved: not squidguard, but squid was blocking this website; as a matter effect, Clamav antivirus did. I had to check 'exclude Audio/Video streams' and then disable and enable Clamav. In the log of squidguard this link is still marked as blocked, but now as default/blk_blacklists/PORN. Beats me, but fact is that CLAMAV antivirus stops websites with a risk on problems. Yhis can conflict with squidguard, of course.

    Greetings, sourcefinder.

  • More clearance: it was the 'play´  button on the website (hardcore-radio.png) that was blocked by clamav and showed as blocked by squidguard!?

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