Router -> Switch -> Wireless Router

  • I am having a problem extending my LAN and I need some help from the experts.

    Currently I have my cable modem going to the WAN interface on my PFSENSE box, PFsense is configured as a DHCP server, and the LAN interface goes to my wirless router. And all my PC's use that router, and TIVO is hard wired to that router as well. Everything here is working just fine.

    Now what I have is a Debian Server I want to install into my setup. I can't plug this into my wirless router, the location just won't work ( PFSENSE currently has a very long cable going from LAN port to wirless router)

    I tried simply taking the LAN port and plugging that into a hub and then connecting the wireless router to the HUB, but when I do that, I get no connection to anything. I'm wondering if this kind of setup is even possible, or if I just have to suck it up, and run more cabling.

  • get rid of the hub and get a switch or else you need a crossover cable from the pfsense box to the hub. if there is an "uplink port" on the hub that should work too, so make sure your plugging the straight through cable from the pfsense box directly into the "uplink port" on the hub.

    -computer to hub you need x over cable.
    -unless it has an "uplink" port, then you can use a regular patch cord(straight through).
    -otherwise just get a switch. this is the recommended way as it's much better.

  • i cant seem to get my setup working how he did in the first place… can anyone tell me what im doing wrong ? i have my modem connected to my pfbox's wan and my wireless router connected to my pfbox'sw lan.. yet nothing is really working on the wireless router when i set it up like that =0