Configure Load Balancer & Failed over

  • introduce i am from Indonesia.

    I am newbie on PFSENSE release 1.3
    I am before using 1.2 its greate i can load balancing 2 DSL connection on My PFsense 1.2

    But now i have changed my PFsense to 1.3 but I am really disappointed with this release.
    My net Cafe now not running faster than before.

    I can't pool load balancing sir on new release.
    would u like to help me in this problem…
    how i must configure that new release for setting with load balance.

    would u like sent me a screenshot  for new release configuration.

    herewith my IP configuration.




    now i just running 1 ADSL (WAN interface only :( )

    any one can help me plz

  • pfSense 1.3 is not release, it is alpha-alpha.  This means you should not use it for anything.  It is available to those that want to test it.  We all hold pfSense to very high standards but you should not be disappointed if it is not working perfectly right now.  Stop running this in a production environment.  If you use it, it is at your own risk.

    Instead why don't you list your setup and tell us what you find wrong with pfSense 1.3-ALPHA-ALPHA.

  • jmontes4
    Thanks for ur comment ..
    My problem are i can not setting load balancer in ALPHA-ALPHA, but in 1.2 release i can setting load balancer.
    can u tell me how to make load balancer in ALPHA-ALPHA



  • To configure the loabalance you must go to menu:

    System -> Routing -> gateway group

    How it works I don't know, it will very useful is somebody can write here a little how to.


  • I have try same like u but, its nothing happens… i still can not use this section.
    my be some people already success with this ALPHA can tell me what we have to do.


  • kambeeng:  I would love to help you but unfortunately I don't have any experience with load balance.  I asked for you to list your setup and report errors so that your that if errors existed the devs would be alerted.  I try to play with this feature to see what I can learn.

  • I've set up two gateways wan1 and wan2, and a group named loadbalance, the make a rule to send all traffic trough loadbalance and it's working, it was very easy.

    Failover is not working

  • Hello Afrugone

    Thank for ur help, its work with u, btw for me it still not work.

    I don't get any errors when I create the group but when you go back into the newly created group wan2 is now listed as tier "never" I have tried every combination of tier settings and the second interface will always be set back to never after saving and applying config. If I just select a tier for wan2 it will error with:
    The following input errors were detected:

    * No gateway(s) have been selected to be used in this group

    Have any of you had a similar problem or am I missing something with Gateway Groups?

    i have try to configure groups and showing failure notice
    can u tell me what version of ALPHA use



  • Hi, kambeeng

    As you can see in my dashboard screenshot version is August 1, other important think is that both wan are connected to two routers using DHCP,  NOT using PPOE directly to pfsense, I think development for multiwan PPOE is not 100% ready

    Remenber to set up a Firewall Rule as shown in my previous post

    This is my test network configuration:
    ![]( GATEWAY CONF.jpg)

  • As a side note suggested to me by the dev that did the new outgoing loader balancer.

    If you are on pppoe find the pppoe gateway and use it on the Gateways tab. Usually the gateway of pppoe does not change only its ip does. In this way you can do outbound load balancing till the full featured one is finished. this gives you the ability to load balance 2 pppoe connection if one wishes.

  • Afrugone many thanks

    Can i see ur firewall rule  and  NAT plz….
    its very help me ...........

  • Afrugone

    What happend with this , i have to set and showing this error,
    can u help me plz

    System Gateways : Edit Gateways

    Group Name : Load Balance
    Gateway Priority :  Tier 1  VIGOR GATEWAY (WAN)
                              Tier 2  DLINK  GATEWAY (OPT1)

    Description Loadbalance

    when i tried to save that configuration its showing error

    X the following input error were detected :
    No gateway have been selected to be use in this group

    and showing my configuration tier1 back to the "NEVER"


  • Since you copied my post from another thread and reposted it under your name I figured the least I could do would be to solve your problem for you. To prevent the Tier never error from occurring remove all special characters from the names of your gateways. Special characters seem to include capital letters and spaces. I have not tested it with numbers but I would leave them out for good measure.


  • hello M3isp

    I have succeded configure that one…
    i have one question.... in gateway everythink is ok.. status of gateway also but load balancer not worked, just only wan1 worked.

    how to configure in firewall rule and nat rule for make succeded that load balancing.

    in status of gateway seems to be ok.


  • The only think not working for me is failover, any special hint for this?

  • Firewall Rule:

    Proto: *
    Source: LAN Net
    Gateway:"Select load balanced gate from drop down"

    Not sure what the Outbound NAT would be for 1.3 should be something like:
    Source: "or whatever you use"
    Destination: Any
    Gateway:"Put Load Balanced Gateway Here"

    I haven't checked AON in 1.3 so I'm not sure if using AON is even an option for this. Maybe someone else can comment.

    BTW I'm not an authority on PFSense by any means. Please correct me if I make a mistake.


  • i have try setting like u .. but a load balance not working.
    only one isp running….
    probably i use 2 isp

  • I've updated to latest versions, and now everything is working including failover.

  • Thanks Afrugone

    I will try.  ;D

  • Description of how tiers work.

    This might be best explained by viewing you configuration on the Status -> Gateways -> Gateway Groups tab.

    All gateways within the same tier will load balance.
    When all gateways in the tier are down we will use the next tier with a gateway.

    For example, when you want to load balance WAN1, WAN2 and use WAN3 if all else fails, then:
    WAN1 Tier 1
    WAN2 Tier 1
    WAN3 Tier 2

    When You want to load balance WAN1, WAN2 and WAN3, then:
    WAN1 Tier 1
    WAN2 Tier 1
    WAN3 Tier 1

    When You want to failover from WAN 1, to load balancing WAN2 and WAN3, then:
    WAN1 Tier 1
    WAN2 Tier 2
    WAN3 Tier 3

    I hope this explains.

  • Thnk u databeestje

    I already implemented about that.


  • Hello databeestje

    Need ur help pls.

    I have configure load balance also failed over as ur suggested.
    i indicator are working…. which both gateway Wan1 & Wan2.
    Btw if i disconnected modem one of them.

    For example.

    I use 2 modem adsl with speed 1mbps.
    1. Vigor (Daytrex)
    2. DLINK

    everything is ok if i used both modem i mine (LoadBalance) speed will increased.
    But if I disconnected Vigor and I want used only DLINK, its not working its diferent with 1.2 , everything is better both loadbalance and failde over.

    any suggested for this case



  • It's wild guess, as i haven't tried 1.3 loadbalancing yet, but could it be a DNS resolve problem.
    try in browser

  • Hello perry….

    my dns its ok... btw which dns u give to me, its open dns

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