Problem with NAT (might be somethign im doing)

  • i just added port 80 in the nat so that i can use web server behind the firewall… the firewall added rules automatically, the second it did that my internet stopped working and ht came up with one of those "new event" error msg's unfortunately i did not coy down at the time what it said, just how the rules were not applied and there were problems with something, i deleted the rules and the firewall went back to working properly (although the forwarding in the nat did not work). i deleted those as well and re-entered it and same thing happened except now it just loads the pfsense header and backdraw and the new event window, it does not read an error (just an empty window) and it will not pull anything up on the page. i have tried restarting the firewall .. no good any other suggestions i really did not want to go back to default settings

    ps: even though the webgui is messed up.. the firewall is still working for basic web browsing and stuff...

  • if you look in Status -> System logs, you may see the alert logged there if it hasn't been too long. Without that alert, there isn't anything here we can look into.

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