Interface inaccessible when changing gateway

  • I have been running a multi-wan setup on 1.2 since its early RC versions with no problems.  Recently I started having a strange problem while running version 1.2RELEASE.

    Here is my config:

    Wan - T1 link
    Lan -
    Lan2 -
    DSL - Local DSL line

    • The Lan uses a failover pool with the T1 as its main connection and the DSL as a backup with no probs…

    • I would like the Lan2 connection to use a failover pool with the DSL as the primary and the T1 as the backup.  Here comes the problem... Whenever I change the gateway from anything besides "default" the interface cannot be seen anymore... It still passes DHCP relay packets but I cannot ping it or access the internet.

    It used to work but I think something changed within the firmware updates.

    Any ideas?

  • Too tired to explain :) But it's how I do it.