Problem with 2 LAN/1 WAN

  • Hi folks,

    I am a beginner with pfsense and I am trying to learn in an experimental environment. My pfsense ( is connected to an DSL Router ( LAN on pfsense is Everything works fine so far. Now I am trying to built up an Guest WLAN using a Tp-Link WDR3600 router as AP. For that reason I assigned a new interface (OPT1, in pfsense. Client can login, gets the right IP but the wrong DNS Server which is (static IP of OPT1) but should be How can I connect both nets so that the client ( gets the right DNS ? Thanks for some help…Cheers Tom

  • In a typical configuration, the DNS server should listen on as well. If not, configure the DNS server to listen on the interface. You'll also need to create firewall rules on the interface allowing DNS traffic to pfSense. There is no need to give the DNS server address to clients.

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    why do you think the dns server for your opt1 network would be the lan interface of pfsense? Normally as kurianofborg stated you would just setup your dns on pfsense to also listen on this opt1 interface.

    BTW what mask did you put on your pfsense opt network.. I would hope you made it something realistic like a /24 and not a /8 because its 10.x.x.x

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