Bypass or Overrun filling user name and password on the browser by domain users!

  • hello everyone ,

    I've finished installing and configuring pf firewall on my network that managed by windows server 2008 r2 with squad guard proxy filter and everything works like a charm ..

    my only consideration that is it possible to pass the user name and password  filling in the browser on my domain users machines.
    I mean my clients with the proxy address  and port set on their workstations can directly access to the internet with the browser with out need to put their username and password ..
    and i don't want to disable the squad proxy filter ….\

    thanks in advance
    with my best regards ,,,

  • no one ??

    not possible or what ??

  • IDon't  understand the question

  • Same here.  I have no idea what you're trying to say or do.

  • see the attachment print screen
    I dont want the login screen shown to my users on my network each time they open their internet browsers …

  • Oh, you're looking to authenticate against Active Directory|NTLM.  I've never configured that so I can't offer much guidance.  However, maybe someone in the Cache/Proxy forum can help.  This forum is really just for general discussion like the title says, and not support questions.  If you need support, try one of the many support forums above this one.

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