Need to install an additional NIC…

  • In the near future I need to install an additional network card into my pfSense box, and I was wondering what I should expect to happen.  Will it detect it automatically, and show up in the web GUI for me to configure?  Will I need to attach a monitor to the pfSense box and go through the command line interface, like I did when first set it up?  Will it keep my current configuration, or will it wipe everything out and make me start from scratch?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  :)

  • Plug the card in,
    interfaces –> assign,
    assign the card,
    set up the IP and rules

  • That sounds easy enough.  Thanks!

  • Hi,
    #GruensFroeschli  tells you all tho…

    Q1. Will it detect it automatically - YES as far as it is supported in FreeBSD6/7
    Q2. show up in the web GUI for me to configure? - YES if the kernel detects your card during boot up sequense.
    Q3. like I did when first set it up?  - NO the card(interfaces) appears in your webGUI as far as kernel detects the card.
    Q4. Will it keep my current configuration - YES definitely. It is good doing backup your config before making any chages.


  • Thanks for your help as well!