An unusual problem. the WAN interface get a ip from himself and not the ISP.

  • Go straight to the point. has since installed pfsense on a computer, then connected from the fiber modem to one network card in your computer.
    then from the other they go into swichen. And then, I then selected, "Bridge to wan" for the is no other choice for routing the Internet to a computer in the network. But it works for a while but then it just jumps of the Internet and the network card that linked by fiber modem, a LAN ip from the DHCP server itself … but when you bridge'ar then becomes as a wire between the NIC?? .. that when it wants Renewa IPN will then take the DHCP server that is closest to, and the email is of course the self ... and I need help. Everyone understands?


    use for fast translation :) i hope you will understand.

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