Feedback on new CA manager

  • This does add a lot of functionality and flexibility to pfSense, but it currently does so at the expense of ease of use. For situations when you merely want to encrypt traffic to the webgui, it has gone from checking a single box to a multi-step process of creating an internal CA, creating a cert, and tying the cert to the webgui.
    I know 1.3 is work in progress, but perhaps you could have the option to use the old way of auto-creating an internal cert for the webgui. The current behavior causes 1.2 configs with https webgui to revert to http when restored on a 1.3 box.

  • Maybe an internal cert could be automatically created on first bootup, used for the web config…then you could change it if you wanted, but if not, it would be in the list...

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