AWS IPv6 How-to

  • I have pfSense running on AWS and wanted AWS to assign an IPv6 address, which it now provides.  However, pfSense doesn't just work with it out of the box.  Here's what I've figured out:

    • Like IPv4 addresses IPv6 addresses on AWS are "static" in that they don't change, but AWS will assign them via DHCPv6.

    • AWS lists the IPv6 address, but does not list the IPv6 gateway, and, as far as I can tell, the gateway address is not a standard address like fe80::1.  Mine was fe80::69:a4ff:fe3a:fbaf and was provided by a router advertisement.  pfSense seems to ignore this advertisement when Static IPv6 is chosen as the IPv6 Configuration Type

    • Choosing DHCPv6 as the Configuration Type for WAN, however, also did not work.  It turns out that AWS does not like 0 as the IAID.  You need to give it something besides 0 (any number works), which can't be done in the basic configuration GUI

    • Here's what my config, which worked, looks like.  (There's nothing special about 482 except that it isn't 0):

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