[DEBUG] Lock recursion detected.

  • We are using pfsense firewalls in CARP setup in our rack in a datacenter.
    Lately we had a powerfaillure on our 2 pfsense routers.  Since then we have problems with our master firewall.
    When we try to edit something and try to save, we get a blank page with an error:

    XML error: PASSWORD at line 5052 cannot occur more than once

    When we look at the System logs:
    Oct 2 09:41:56 php: /index.php: [DEBUG] Lock recursion detected.
    Oct 1 22:08:52 php: /firewall_rules_edit.php: [DEBUG] Lock recursion detected.

    I allready looked at line 5052, but nothing seems to be wrong.

    We are using pfsense 1.2.

    I didn't find the answer in this forum, but maybe I did not find the right post. Can someone help please?


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