Server dhcp with pfsense

  • Unless I have a problem, I installed and configured pfsense 1.2 in a small network with DHCP (I enabled the DHCP server)

    Internet –-- router ---- pfsense ---- clients

    usual configuration, when I install operating systems such as Debian version 4 netinst and goes to look for in your DHCP server tells me that either does not exist or is too slow. Going forward when the installation goes in search of a mirror network is not as if you do not connettesse network.
    I tried with ubuntu and when it comes to the support of the language to download the jumps and can not 'download (staying in English), pero' at the end of the party when the network operating system functions, (4 debian netinst not logically you install).
    (Summary during the installation of the operating system server dhcp seems not work, which began operating system function normally).
    I hope to be clear, let me know.

  • oooookeee….. Either i'm drunk or your text doesnt make much sense....

    Could you rephrase what your problem is?

  • Let's assume the first and … cheers!  ;-)))  SCNR

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