How to access WebGUI from LAN2 (OPT2)

  • I've setup a 6-zone PFSENSE firewall for the local library (see text diagram below).

    The WebGUI is setup as HTTPS on TCP8445.

    LAN (the public network) can access the WebGUI at

    LAN2 (the staff network) can NOT access the WebGUI at

    What rules do I need to add so that:  LAN can NOT access the WebGUI and LAN2 CAN access the WebGUI?

    Currently general Internet access and local Web/Email are working for both LAN & LAN2.  I have the following rules setup:

    LAN (Rules)
    TCP  LAN net  *  80 (HTTP)  *
    *    LAN net    *    *                *  

    LAN2 (Rules)
    *  LAN2 net  *  DMZ net  *  *
    *  LAN2 net  *  *              *

    I also have remote admin access setup for my IP (in case that matters):

    WAN2 (Rules)
    TCP  *  Interface IP address  8445  *

    And that works as expected.

    6-Zone PFSENSE (v1.2 02/24/2008)

    [WAN]  -  [WAN2/OPT1]
    [WIFI/OPT4] (GW-WAN)  -  [DMZ/OPT3] (GW-WAN2)
    [LAN] (GW-WAN)  -  [LAN2/OPT2] (GW-WAN2)

  • You could just swap the use of the interfaces, however:

    1. Create a rule for LAN2 allowing access to the Interface IP on port 8445/TCP form the LAN2 subnet
    2. Under the Advanced Options select "Disable webGUI anti-lockout rule" and save

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