Need help setting up Load Balancing on VIP with Cluster

  • Hi,

    I have two pfSense firewalls standing in a colocation and have several IPs. Assuming the firewalls have the IPs 1, 2 and 3 (first firewall, second firewall, carp'ed shared IP).

    If I use IP 5 to do NAT 1:1 mapping to one of the webservers then everything works perfectly.

    Now I would like to use IP 5 to do Load Balancing over several webservers (all in sync). I am unsure about the settings and in the end it does not work. Is there a good guide to get me through?

    Especially I am unsure about the VIP settings (P-ARP or CARP?), the NAT-Settings (NATting to what since the load balancer already has the VIP), the Load Balancer Settings (do I really have to enter IP 5 (the VIP) here or better an IP from my LAN interface)?

    Any help appreciated.

    Thank you,


  • Create a VIP PARP with the Outside address you are wanting to use. .5 I assume.
    Go over to the Load Balancer Tab/section

    • Create the Pool first, your web servers
    • Create the Virtual Server this is the Same IP Address as the VIP

    The VIP is going to be your Outside address and the Pool is going to be your in side address
    Also don't forget to create Firewall Rules to allow the Web traffic from the outside interface to the inside interface.

    Also When create the Virtual Server it will ask you for a "Pool down" server I used an old server matching my 2 production Web servers as my Pool down server it is Really slow so I didn't want it in the round robin but it is a nice fail back plan…

    Hope this helps

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