DNS Resolver returns different results to external DNS

  • Hi

    My domain is hosted with one provider and DNS is provided by the company I bought my domain name from.
    This all works fine… Today I've updated the DNS entries.

    From a local Linux PC if I use dig and specify googles DNS Address I get the correct results back for the DNS of my domain.
    However if I specify my pfSense box as the DNS server, I get the old DNS entries for my domain.

    I'm using DNS Resolver:
    DNS server(s)

    Any idea how to get this to resolve the correct details ?


  • After making changes, you're supposed to click the button at the top of the pages to restart the service.  Did you do that?

    Failing that, try rebooting pfSense.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Flush its cache.. What were/is the TTL on your record you changed.. Lets say the TTL was 24 hours.  And you looked it up 2 hours ago on pfsense, until that ttl expires or you flush the cache or at least that record out of the resolvers cache.. I you ask the resolver for the FQDN it will return what it has in the cache vs going back out to your authoritative servers and getting the new IP for the record.

  • Thanks

    All sorted :D

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